filename too long fixed

While browsing your files and folders in your Windows operating system based personal computer, you may have come across some unnecessary files that appear to have weird names that seem too long. Mostly it happens with the drive in which Windows is installed, that is the C drive normally. These files are normally the left-over files that are left behind after the uninstallation of certain software like an anti-virus. These files are useless and can be deleted. But the problem occurs when you try to delete the file and you can’t. Your computer gives you an error message that the ‘file is in use’ or ‘path too long’. Such types of files have names or destination paths above the character limit that is set by Windows. Hence, these files cannot be deleted. You can’t even rename such files or open them. This makes you doubt yourself whether you are the owner of the computer or not, because not being able to delete or view or do anything with the files in your own computer can be very irritating. In such cases you look out for solutions. You try searching the net and you Google for the possible solutions. And the first thing you notice that everyone is praising a tool called the Long Path Tool. Well, it has got every reason to be praised!

The Long Path Tool has become the most used tool for long path name problems and other file and folder errors and issues. People who use Windows operating systems have really breathed a sigh of relief after having this tool installed in their system. Now there is no more need to get irritated after seeing a file or folder give the long path name error. You just have to use the Long Path Tool and show your computer who the real boss is! Now you don’t need to be afraid of your computer showing error messages if you try to open or delete a file with a long destination address or a long file name. The Long Path Tool is your all-in-one solution to all the file errors in Windows! And do not worry. It is not a complicated process at all. Believe me, even a ten year old can use this tool very easily. It is not anything complex and is very simple and can be learnt very quickly in a matter of a few minutes or more.

Before the Long Path Tool came along, there was no exact working solution to the long file name problem. Many people had to face it and were left without any way to resolve the error. Windows tried to fix the bug but was unable to do so. It looked like the set of rules which were programmed into Windows turned against its own master. But then the Long Path Tool was released. At last, someone had heard the prayers and cries of millions of computer users and had granted them a precious wish! The tool instantly became a hit among the Windows users all over the world and millions of downloads of the tools were witnessed which continue till date. It was something which nobody had been able to do previously. Though now many replicas of this tool and similar software are available for free on the web, the Long Path Tool is still the most preferred one. It has all the qualities that a tool must have to fix the file issues and it works like an expensive premium paid software despite being a fully free one.

Yes, the path-breaking Long Path Tool can be downloaded free of cost from its official website There is an option to donate money for the development of the tool and to keep it free. Many people do donate for it as a little money is nothing in front of the major solution that this tool has provided to us and still after giving a lot, the developers of this tool have been kind enough to make it available for all by not charging anything for it. And it does a lot more than it actually promises. Though Windows shows file errors when the file name or destination name is longer than 255 characters, the Long Path Tool supports fixing issues for files with names up to 32,000 characters long! Now that is what I call a hit tool! And not just that, anyone can use it owing to its simplistic and clutter-free user interface. The process is very simple. Open the tool, browse to the destination folder where the particular file is and select it. That’s it! Now you can delete, rename or view the file easily, thanks to the Long Path Tool, without which it was impossible. So what are you waiting for? Download it now for free before this dynamite tool gets a serious price tag!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6