filename or extension is too long

Filename or extension is too long?

All Operating Systems have plenty functions and the error reporting function is among them. This function is the way that Windows tells to its users that there is something going wrong and that they should solve the problem.

Handling files and folders is one of the most common actions that a users applies to its computer. Whether it is a personal computer or one connected with other computers by a network, the handling of files and folders can determinate the OS to enable the error reporting function. This function will send you windows with warning messages if the path of a file or folder is too long. Not only you will receive a message error also you will be stop to apply any action on the concerned file or folder.

To avoid this problem, which most people do not know how to manage, there has been created a software. Long Path Tool software is a tool available online both trial and full version. It is a program that allows you to handle folders and files which have long names, extensions or paths.

Long Path Tool it is compatible to almost all versions of Windows from Windows Server 12 to the earlier Windows 95. The program does not depend of the Windows 255 characters limit this is why it is able to disable error reporting function.

It is easy to install on your computer and it offers fast and simple handling. The interface is clean and straightforward therefore anyone can use it.

The error messages appear when you try to rename, copy or delete a folder or file which has a too long path or name. You should use this software when you receive error messages like “You entered a path too long”, “Cannot remove file” or “Folder cannot be copied”. When this happens, open the Long Path Tool and a window will open. You will be able to see all the folders and files from your computer. Search the item that you cannot modify, move or delete and apply again the action on it.

After downloading Long Path Tool install a desktop shortcut or send a shortcut of the software on the task bar for having easy access to it. The developer of the software offers costumer support.           Support is available for the costumers that bought the full version of the Long Path Tool but also for those which have the trial version.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6