Filename too long windows 10

Being designed especially for modifying files with long path name and helping to get rid of “Filename too long windows 10related errors, the long path tool comes up with three packages excluding the free trial version. Home license is the cheapest among all and it would cost only $44.00 and the user has to pay the price once. After that, he or she will keep receiving updates for 2 years. This particular version has been designed specifically for the personal and non-business usage. The home license is sufficient for scanning, deleting, copying, moving and renaming the files with long path name. In addition to that, there will be automatic bulk renaming and email support available for the users. However, in this article, we are going to discuss about different aspects of the home license of long path tool. Let us look straight at it.

tool to fix filename too long error
tool to fix filename too long error

While using the home license, the user will be able to scan his or her PC. After that, the scanned result could be used for modifying the files with long path name. The scanning will find out the locations of the files and then the user needs browse through the software to reach the target file. After reaching the file, it could be deleted, copied or moved at anywhere you want. The buttons for deleting, copying or moving will be located at the bottom.

Have you been facing a lot of files with long path name, you would require automatic bulk renaming and it such cases, the home license should be sufficient. In addition to the automatic bulk renaming, it also offers free updates for 2 years. However, the business and business pro license users will receive 3 years and 5 years of free update successively. Yet, 2 years should be sufficient for home usage.

In accession to all of those, 24/7 email support is available for the users. Moreover, the email support is real quick. You will receive a reply immediately after sending the query. However, the pricing may seem a bit higher side at first. Eventually, you will understand that this software is worth every dime what you are going to pay for it. However, it does not come up either with online chat support or phone support. If it is required, the business and business pro users may chat with an agent live anytime they want from the official website. By the way, the home license holders will receive a quick email support and it is more than enough to get quick answer of any query.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6