Filename is too long for the destination folder fix

Long path tool has been designed to help you to get rid of several error messages related to long path name such as “the filename is too long for the destination folder”. If the magnitude of workload reaches a pretty higher level, business pro license could have been the staff you have been looking for years. It comes up with all the options of home license and business license. In addition to that, it delivers free update for 5 years. Moreover, the user will be able to preserve the file attributes. It also delivers a setting for controlling the file ownership as well as ACLs. The command line version will be available, if the user chooses business pro license. In addition to the email support, the user will experience premium phone and online chat support. Here, in this paper, we will discuss different aspects of business pro license of long path tool.

tool to fix filename too long error
tool to fix filename too long error

Let us look at the user interface. The user interface of this tool is excellent. It is superbly easy to use. Moreover, the number of buttons is not that much so that you could use it at ease. If too many buttons are there, it could happen that you might not find out the right button at the right time. It has been designed in such way that only the important buttons will be visible. The buttons to copy, delete, rename or modify file names will be at the bottom. Moreover, there is another button at the middle to browse through the files and folders to reach the files with long path name.

However, scanning, deleting, copying, moving and renaming have been made super easy as well as super smooth in the business pro license. Even though the price might seem a bit on the higher side, it is worth every penny you are going to spend. It also comes up with an excellent technical support for the business pro users. 24/7 online chat support is available for the buyers of business pro license. In addition, business pro license comes up with premium phone support. However, the email support is quicker here and the response will be made immediately in relation to the users of free trial version.

Business pro license is not all range of users. If you are a high end user requiring bulk amount of file processing, only then you should go for it. Otherwise, the business license would be sufficient for handing the commercial grade usage. Moreover, have you been planning for using the long path tool in your home computer, the home license should be sufficient.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6