File path too long

If you are facing issues with ‘File path too long’ errors, you might be exploring a solution. You should be able to access all kinds of files without any difficulty. Especially, if you are maintaining information that is related to customers, it is very much required to access the file. You should be able to open the file, move or copy the file and there should not be any restriction. Your business will be affected if you cannot access certain kinds of files. The Long path tool is a solution to all the issues that arise with files and folders that come with long names and paths.

The tool can be downloaded quite easily and it can be installed in a few seconds. The advantage with a long path tool is that it was developed by a team of software professionals. All the existing issues that arise with long filenames are dealt in a successful manner. The tool can be installed on any version of Windows operating system. As soon as you install the application, an icon can be created on the desktop so that the tool can be opened at any point of time. The ‘easy to use’ interface will guide you easily. Ordinary users will be able to follow the instructions and they can make the most from the tool.

Long path tool will list all the files that are present in the computer. It will trace files which were not traced by Windows Explorer or any other third party tool. You will be able to overcome the ‘file path too long’ issue as you can access, delete or modify the file as per your needs. Some operating systems can support up to 256 characters of filename length. Long path tool will overcome this drawback as you will be able to use filenames that come with up to 32000 characters.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6