File path too long

The Long path tool will help you deal with error message ‘file path too long’ that flashes on your screen. You will be able to rename, copy, move and delete a file or folder without any difficulty when you install the long path tool in your computer. The tool was designed by a group of software professionals who had gone through various kinds of file related issues. The Long path tool will address the 255 character limit on filenames and folder names. You will be able to address files and folders whose length is up to 32000 characters.

The comprehensive ‘long path tool’ will let you work with the system in an efficient manner. You will not lose your time while working on the system as you will be able to perform any kind of file related operation immediately. Even if the file is in open conditions, you will be able to perform the operation as the application has the special privilege to close the file and will perform the request immediately. In order to make the most of your time and investment, you should go for ‘long path tool’ so that you will not get ‘file path too long’ error messages.

It is simple to download the utility, long path tool for the web. The tool can be installed on various operating systems including Windows 98, Vista and Windows 7. You can create a shortcut on the desktop after installing the application so that you will be able to access the file at any point of time. As soon as the tool is opened, all the files will be listed on the screen. You can manipulate all files without facing ‘file path too long’ error messages. It will work like a magic and you will no more break your head with such kinds of file related error messages.


Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6