When file names get longer than 255 characters

We all know that we like to customise the file names for all of our files in our own unique way, what may make sense for me may not make sense for you, and that is totally fine! The unfortunate thing is that it may not be fine for you operation system. If, like me, you use increasingly specific and long file names for each one of your files, then Long Path Tool is here to help save the day when the Computer finally gives up and errors. It’s bound to happen and getting it fixed can be a nightmare.

When file names get longer than 255 characters problems occur. And that upper limit can arrive so much quicker than anyone could possibly imagine. Before you realise, the file won’t open because it is too long, and you worry that you’ve lost it for good. This program plays the most important role you can think of and recovers your files if the names are too long to open. Anything up to thirty two thousand characters and this beast of a program will still be able to find a way to recover your file. This is a program that you just cannot afford to miss out on. We all know that mistakes can happen, so why wait until you are in trouble. It is just not worth the risk.

However troubles will happen and if you are experiencing troubles with unlocking, accessing, deleting, copying, or transferring any file because of the length of the path name, then we are here to help you with that. Using our specially designed Long Path tool, we will be able to ensure your work is done quickly and professionally. Using our more expensive, but well worth the money, licenses, we can ensure that we are there every step of the way and helping you recover your files with ease.

Our business and Business professional licenses come with support lines where we are waiting for you to call at any time. We will answer any and all questions as well as supporting you to get the best out of the program that you possibly can. Long Path Tool is the best tool on the market for dealing with long file names and we know that you need this program sooner rather than later. Get it before it is too late.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6