file name too long to delete

File name too long to delete?

The Long Path Tool software it is a software which can help you get rid of Windows pop-up error messages that appear when you try to copy, modify, move, delete or rename a file or a folder. Whether you want to apply one of these actions on files or folders from your computer or on files from computers connected by a network, this software is able to do one of the above without sending you any messages.

Windows has the internal limit of characters set to 32.000. The Long Path Tool software does not depend of this limit. It is able to manage the files and folders no matter the numbers of characters. You do not have to worry about the system that you have installed on your computer. The software can be used on any version of Operating System such as Windows 95, Windows 98 up to Windows Server 2012.

The Long Path Tool is available online with a decent price but you can also try the trial version to see if the program suits to your need. After you download the Long Path Tool, install it on your computer. You will find that it is a very easy to use program because of its friendly interface. It is better to create a desktop icon of the Long Path Tool software or a start bar shortcut. This way you will be able to access the program easily.

When you try to delete, move or just rename a file or folder from your personal computer or from a computer connected in a network and the operating system does not allows you to do that, than double click the Long Path Tool. A window will appear and you will see all the folders from your computer. Search in the list the folder/ folders or the file/ files you want to move, copy, modify, delete or rename and apply one of sthis action. This is all you have to do and you won’t receive any error messages from your Operating System, no matter the version you use.

If you have problems using the Long Path Tool you will be able to request the help of support service for costumer. The developer offers this service to all users and you will be assisted promptly. More than that you may require support if the Long Path Tool crashes suddenly.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6