File name specified is too long

Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool software is a highly versatile solution that helps in error fixing. You can unlock, delete, rename or copy folders and files using long paths. Long Path Tool ends your problems and simplifies, especially when you have long filenames. In case, you encounter problems with error messages such as ‘path too long, destination path too long, too long path or cannot delete file’, then this program Long Path Tool is an ideal and a definite tool for you to end your problems.

The Long Path Tool eliminates these problems and offers a sleek interface that enables you to work on.  If you experience problems such as managing, accessing and even renaming of files with over 255 characters, you can make use of this utility as it is the right answer to this scenario. It will take place of Windows Explorer and other file managing utilities as this can be used even in the Windows 95 earliest version. Regardless of the operating system, you can use Long Path Tool.

Long Path Tool is useful in various situations and the highlighted problems are with error messages:

  • Cannot read from disk or source file
  • Problem with sharing violation
  • File name specified is too long
  • File name specified is not valid
  • Cannot delete folder or file
  • File name specified
  • Destination or source file is in use

All these types encountered in your regular computing use are now manageable errors as it can be fixed using Long Path Tool. This tool helps in eliminating such managing problems and offers you this wonderful program to handle pathname allowing the limit of 32,000 characters.

Using this program is not a problem. This wonderful program needs to be downloaded online and the settings can be saved to your computer. You may also create an icon and have the same on your desktop as Long Path Tool so that it offers easy access. The advantage is that this program is compatible with Windows NT, XP, Vista, 2000 and Windows 7. This is the reason the Long Path Tool is considered to be highly versatile.

Error messages with too long filename or path will no more haunt you. Remember, the only thing you have to do each time is to manage files having a long filename is to click the icon saved on your desktop for Long Path Tool so that it will direct you instantly to a window. The Long Path Error finder can easily handle pathnames of varying lengths. You can get rid of error messages such as error deleting or file or folder renaming.

Long Path Tool is a free tool that can be downloaded easily.  This is a fascinating tool ideal even for advanced users. It is of immense use to people as it a smart, small and quick to use software that can be easily downloaded. It offers optimum functionality such that it can search, change, omit, install, copy, map from network and also delete files with long path effectively. Its compatibility is its strength.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6