Fix for file name is more than 200 characters

Long Path Tool – a must for windows users

Long Path Tool is a tool that is used in Windows to unlock, rename or delete files. There might have been such situations where an individual have faced problems which managing files on Windows operating system. The reason behind this problem may the program which the user is trying to delete or rename is locked by some other program; it can be virus, some software or might be the program can be managed only in specific operating system. This tool is the best possible solution to all such problems that a Windows user may face. The usage of this tool is also very easy, the user just needs to install the same on his or computer then it can be used easily.

When Long Path Tool is needed?

Before decided on whether to purchase Long Path Tool, the user needs to know whether he or she really needs it or there is some other problem with his or her computer. Long Path Tool can also be used by all the Window users basis because they will need this tool at some or other point of point. If any of the following messages appear on the computer screen then in that case, the individual should purchase Long Path Tool.

  • Path too long
  • Error cannot read file: cannot read from source file or disk
  • The file of destination or source might be in use
  • Filename is not valid
  • File cannot be accessed
  • File name was not found. Check the filename’s spelling and then verify if the file is located in correct location.
  • The file name could be long according to the destination folders. For this you can write a short name for the file and give it a second try. Or you can use a shorter path as well.

Features of Long Path Tool

It is very important to understand the features of Long Path Tool before purchasing the tool. Few of the important features of this tool are as follows: –

  • The user interface is very simple and anybody can use it easily.
  • Normally Windows cannot locate file whose file name is more than 200 characters but with the help of Long Path Tool, an individual can access files whose file name is up to 32000 characters.
  • This tool is produced in such a way that it can be used by regular users end as well as developers. Window users can use this tool and apart from that, if developers use windows operating system then in that case, they can also use this file for the same purpose.

Long Path Tool is a very important tool and the installation of this tool is very easy. After installation of this tool, the user need not waste his or her time in dealing with error messages. Long Path Tool is continuously improving with the feedback that they are receiving from its users and hence, they are introducing the better versions at regular intervals.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6