File management with the Long Path Tool

The long path tool is a software application that is used in all windows platforms to solve the problems which arises due to the long filenames. When a path is too big, the file management tasks will not be completed successfully. This includes the copying, deleting and renaming files. The software package has being designed to bring a solution to the issue, with just a mouse click. The procedures are extremely easy to understand. The tool comes in two forms. One is a trial version which has a limited number of features. When the user realises the capability of the tool, the full version can be purchased at a certain price.

Get rid of the errors

The long path tool is user friendly and can get rid of the irritating file oriented error messages. Some of the most common messages include the following.

1)       Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk

2)      Can’t access this folder. Path too long

3)      Cannot delete file: Access is denied

4)      Cannot delete folder: It is being used by another person or program

The above problems are solved by the software package. The errors related to the write protection of a file or folder is resolved by the application. The program has a straight forward interface. It is painless to use and comprehensive to comprehend. The Windows product is released with focus on the end user. This makes it evident that extra training or skill is not required to use the long path tool. The application has the improved abilities to unlock the closed files and folders. The software has the upgraded feature to delete the files that are mapped in network folders. The tool is proven to work.

Virus affected files

Sometimes the files and folders cannot be deleted when there has being a virus, malware or adware attack. The harmful programs will defect the whole system and use up the disk space. The long path tool will identify these miscellaneous programs and take the required steps to clear the content which causes errors. The normal software products are not given with the ability to tackle the affected files. The normal windows applications do not have the permissions needed to access the malware spread files or folders. The undeletable files are handled by the tool. The final output of the application is to perform the file management activities in a successful manner.

The inner functions

By default the windows operating system asserts the file paths with 255 characters. When the size of the file name or destination exceeds this length, the OS finds it to be invalid. The long path tool changes the lower bound for the path limit to 32000 characters. When the above alteration is done, no path seems to be small for the windows platform. The change will avoid the errors which get generated. There onwards the utility helps the user to perform the required tasks of coping, renaming and deleting files or folders.

The tool has survived through many editions. The latest version functions to be compatible with the recent Operating Platforms.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6