file cannot be copied


Are you one of those who frequently face error messages like ‘path too long’, ‘file cannot be copied’, and ‘the file name you specified is not valid or too long’? If you are one of them and are desperate to find a workaround then this is just the right thing for you: Long Path Tool’. Windows Explorer often fails to copy file names/path with more than 256 characters. This tool handles this problem efficiently and handles path names of infinite number of characters (of course till the internal windows size limit). Manual solution of such problems is tedious and hard to figure out and execute. In addition, available market software is too expensive for a regular user. This is where the utility of the Long Path Tool is realized. Thus, if you are one such user desperate to get rid of this problem, then this is your best solution at hand.

About the tool

As mentioned before, even the latest Windows Explorer fails to handle files with long filename or long path. This is where Long Path Tool comes in. It meticulously helps the user to copy, rename, delete and perform other operations on such files without a short path. Every error message related to ‘destination path too long’, ‘cannot delete file’ is handled by this superb all-in-one tool that acts as your personal file manager and is now a must-have in every machine. It can even delete system locked files and also files from network folders which are mapped. You can also use this tool to list files and folders which have long path or long filename i.e. more than two hundred characters. It can also close applications which are using those files. In addition it does all the scanning at a nice fast pace, which reduces your waiting time.

And the best part about the tool is it supports all Operating Systems, even the earliest Windows 95 version with no special system requirements whatsoever! Thus enhance your file managing experience by downloading this tool on your machine as soon as you can.

Easy to use

The best feature of this long path tool is it’s easy to use concept. The tool is small in size and compact enough which provides the user with a simple interface which has a number of useful options. Now to use the long path tool, all you need to do is download the program from the internet. Downloading it is hassle-free because of its small size. As mentioned before, the tool is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems, and is bound to work for your machine.

For easy access, you can create a desktop icon where you can launch the tool with just one click. Whenever you feel the need to access any file with long filename or not a short path, all you need to do is click on the icon and launch the tool where all the files will be listed. Now you can delete, rename, move and do several operations on the file easily without tension of any error popping up. The tool has instant access to all your files and folders and the scanning time is pretty fast. In addition, the simple interface and the varied number of options makes it all the more user-friendly and is a boon for all users.

Other Utilities

 In case of a number of other error messages too, this tool proves it’s utility. In case of sharing violations, failure to delete files or folders, failure to read from source or disk, invalid specified filename, destination or source file already in use and plenty of other violations are handled quite effectively by this tool. The tool is made to be used to solve all managerial problems associated with file handling. The simple interface provides solutions to a varied number of error messages. Filename too long, specified path too long, etc messages will never visit your screen again. Now you can name your files, or handle filenames with infinite number of characters, not having to worry about setting a short path.


There was a dearth of efficient file managing software that solved all user problems relating to handling of files with large names. Since the arrival of Long Path Tool in the market, users can feel a lot more relieved. One of the best features is that the users are entitled to free updates and also free support, which even comes with free trial! You can also sign up for email updates on its website. The free version has already made many users happy and they have recommended the tool to a number of other users.

Long Path Tool is easy to download, easy to use and comes with a varied number of options. With a large number of supported OS and low system requirements, it can be used on large number of machines. Thus, everyone having to use file browsers frequently must download this tool and try it out.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6