File and folder unlocker

File and folder Unlocker facility is delivered by a special tool, ‘long path tool’. By using the file and folder unlocker software, you will be able to access hidden files as well as locked files. There might be some restrictions on certain set of files. In some peculiar circumstances, you might want to override the unlock facility. In such cases, you can deploy the long path tool in your computer. By deploying the tool in your system, you will be able to accomplish most important tasks that are related to files in an effortless manner.

Traditionally, windows explorer will be used to browse the files. It will list all the files that are present in your system. However, you cannot perform all kinds of file related operations and you will not be able to access files with certain privileges. To overcome this drawback and to work with all kinds of files, you can deploy ‘file and folder unlocker’. The software can be downloaded from the web and it can be installed in few seconds. You can create an icon on the desktop so that you will be able to access the software at any point of time. The software can be deployed on all kinds of Windows based computers.

The ‘easy to use’ interface will list all the files that are available in your computer as well as on various connected networks. You will be able to unlock files so that you can alter the contents as well. If an employee in an organization works with certain set of files and leaves the organization in an abrupt manner, you will be able to work with any kind of files by using the ‘file and folder unlocker’. You will also be able to perform various file related operations by using the software.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6