Features of the long path tool

Long Path Tool


In recent times, the need to become very proficient in the use of computers has become a foremost desire for many people from all age groups. The uses of computers have simplified many cumbersome operations carried out in the office and during personal computing tasks. Computers utilize various software programs designed to perform a wide range of functions. There are many software programs designed to make data entry and collation easy, there are also software programs designed to make various official operation easy in the data management departments of big organizations. These computing operations in most cases involve the modification and editing of various types of files, in the computing world, the complex haze of file creation and manipulation can present different types of challenges were the files might become inaccessible or corrupted, this challenges have presented the need to design a software that will ensure a smooth computing session to every user.

The long path tool is a special software program designed to overcome the various challenges faced by computer users during file exchange, transfer or editing activities. During a computing session, there is always the need to edit , modify , copy or delete files for various reasons, the long path tool has been specially created to tackle the challenge posed by an error message which reports that Path too long – aborting (error code 80/1), or error deleting this file/access denied. These challenges in most cases deny the user the ability to delete or edit some corrupted files on the computer.

Features of the long path tool

This software program has been designed with the right standard of features that will enable every user get the best experience during its use. The features are:

  • It has been specially programed to overcome the challenge of character limits when a file is to be deleted.
  • Compatibility with the Windows OS, vista.
  • User friendly operating interface for every users convenience
  • Ease of access, it requires little coaching to become familiar with its operations.

The wide range of the long path tool has been efficiently designed to resolve the various file management errors that many users encounter during computing. Below is a screen shot of some common error messages that will be resolved with this tool.

How do I get the long path tool?

The download of this tool has been conveniently made available online, all the user needs to do is to get online on the registered companies website and download the current version of this tool and start enjoying smooth and hassle free computing sessions.


The solution this tool provide for every computer user has been long awaited, and the restriction of a limited Windows operating system does not apply here as this tool is compatible with all the regular and commonly used operating systems that have been installed by big organizations. The user only has to install the software and the tool synchronizes with the computers files in a way that will enable the user to modify the files as they desire.


Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6