Experiencing any kind of problem with your file and folder management

Have you ever experienced any errors when trying to access your folders or files? Well then the Long Path Tool is the ideal tool for you. So what is Long Path Tool? This is a very small, but yet very productive program that will help you out with any king of blocked, long path files or even renaming errors that you mat experience while trying to manipulate your files and folders. Being also portable, the program is very convenient and also reliable. If you are attempting to do anything with a folder or file that has more than 255 characters, you may receive error messages such as ‘path too long’, ‘destination path too long’, ‘can’t delete a file, path too long’. This completely prohibits you from being able to manage files that are on your own computer. Once you have installed the program it is very easy to manage your files.

It is designed to help you out with managing any files that you would not usually be able to work with. To get this remarkable program, all you need is to download it from various sources on the internet. The long path tool is compatible with most Windows operating systems. When you receive a file too long error, you will be able to conveniently click on your LONG PATH TOOL software on the computer and will be directed to a new window that will display all of your files. From this new window, you will be able to easily delete, open, rename and move files instantly. The LONG PATH TOOL is designed to handle files that have up to 32,000 characters. So you will never have to face any problems when it comes in files and folders.

When you have the software installed on your computer, you will find that it is very simple to use it. Many recommended it simply because it has a very simple UI and once you start it accesses your folders and files directly. You will be able to see all your files and folders and get to manipulate them by either changing their name, deleting or moving. Long Path Tool has proven to be a one of a kind file management tool for every computer user. Although there are many options out there in the software market to choose from, you will find that the Long Path Tool is the most effective one.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6