Essential facts regarding long path tool

Long Path Tool is useful while you encounter some sorts of problems at the time of copying a file, deleting or renaming a file, unlocking a file owing to the reason of the system detecting too long file name. While you are utilizing Windows Explorer or FAR you might face such sort of problems. So as to resolve these problems, all you require doing is using an application which is able to tackle the problems related to long path. At you will find free of cost one such application that is very efficient and effective is the software of Long Path Tool.

What the long path tool is?

Long path tool is a kind of software which enables you getting rid of the problems found in long path name. Owing to presence of long path name you cannot copy, unlock, rename or delete files which have been preserved in your PC. Usually, the problems faced owing to long path occur while you try to copy, modify, delete or rename a file. Commonly the error message shows that the file disk is full or has been write-protected etc. Under this circumstance, long path tool is the ideal solution.

When the long path tool is utilized

Long path related problems occur when the name of the file exceeds two hundred fifty-five characters. On such occasion, you cannot copy, modify, rename or delete the file in usual way. In order to get rid of the problem you need utilizing long path tool. Under any circumstance when your file name exceeds more than two hundred fifty-five characters your attempt to copy, rename, delete or unlocking of a file will not succeed unless you take the help of long path too.

Why to utilize long path tool only

There are various applications for resolving long path problem are available through internet for which you do not have to pay anything. However, all of them are not trust worthy and efficient in identical manner. There are number of freeware which you can avail from the net that  are supposed to resolve the problems arising out of long path presence, however, they might not function after a particular level. Moreover, when you download a file it is not possible for you to know whether the same is harmful or not and contain viruses like malware, adware or Trojan which can damage your computer extensively. So, utilizing the option of long path problem resolving application is always desirable and this software can be downloaded directly from

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6