Easy and Insanely Handy- Long Path tool

Easy and Insanely Handy- Long Path tool

Long Path tool has become a benchmark when it comes to solving the problem of long path destination errors. This reliable tool will always be at your help when the problem comes to be a pain in your chirpy moods. So next time you come to face the destination error problem, remember to not look beyond the Long Path tool.

Easy to use:

Even if you do not happen to have much experience with the computers, then too it’s not a problem for you to use this tool. The process is simple enough for even a newbie to get a hang of it. We have kept that fact in mind that we need to make a tool which can be of use to anybody with the slightest of interaction with the computers. So if you are stuck with a long path error, you do not need to get tensed and worried now about losing your precious data. Because you have the ultimate solution available for you in form of the Long Path tool.

To use this awesome tool, firstly you can go to longpathtool.com and download the software from our website. There are two versions of the software, one is the trial version and the other one is the premium version. We would recommend the premium version, but if want to see what we provide us you are good to go with our trial version. Click on the links and download your favorite version and the program will be installed on your system in a matter of seconds. After the installation, you can click on the tool icon to browse through the directories to reach to the file which has been troubling you all along for some time now. Now open that file and perform the operation which you want to. If you want to delete the trash file, go ahead. If you want to rename it to have an access to your valuable data which would have otherwise been lost, then we provide you with that option too. This way we take care of your data like no one else does.

A range of Utilities:

  • The Long Path tool will come handy if you want to rename your files. These will generally be the files with long names i.e. more than 255 characters
  • You can rescue your important files which you would have been locked out from otherwise, by using the Long Path tool
  • You can delete the long path files if they only add to the garbage in your system, thereby ensuring the speed and efficiency of your computer.
  • If some file was lost from you somewhere in the system and you can’t seem to find it manually, then long path tool will be a very important aid for you.

There are many more things which our tool can do. The ones listed above are pretty basic stuff which you need to know to get started on this tool. This tool is actually has a wide range of utilities which provide solutions to multiple types of file related errors which you might happen to encounter. So, it is always better to get prepared beforehand because there shouldn’t be any room for risks when it comes to guarding your valuable data.

You can also be assured about the compatibility of our software with your computer. We have designed the tool keeping the fact in mind that is should be compatible with all the systems that are there. The tools can be used on the oldest of the Windows systems and on the latest ones too. There is no compromise on that part too. So feel free to check out our tool and see what wonders it has in store to make your life a bit easier.

We would also like to request you to contact us at Support@LongPathTool.com if you want to add some advice regarding the tool. You can also clarify your queries and doubts regarding the tool here, as we will provide you instant help. This will help you to be more aware about the tool and the actions it can perform for you. So do not hesitate in contacting us, because we are here only to serve you and take care of any freak errors which might compromise your valuable data.

A Final Word

With the long path tool in your armor, the destination error will seem nothing more than a casual issue which can be taken care of in an easy way. You will not have to pay extra attention to take care of the issue while getting stressed and ruining the other acts of your day. This tool will act like a marvel, pulling out of any sticky situation which might come to you because of the file related errors.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6