Do not worry about the paths of your files- Long Path Tool is available now

Do not worry about the paths of your files- Long Path Tool is available now

Any file has a name which consists of two sides: the effective name and the extension name. Names and path can be a real problem for the proper functioning of the operating system. The names which are too long prove to be counterproductive. Normally they are avoided and replaced with compendious names that summarize in a very efficient way the extents of the file they serve. Starting from Windows 95 the name of a file must have between 1 and 255 special and alphanumeric characters.

At the end of the file is the suffix known also as the extension or suffix. It is a group of characters (three characters). Between the effective name and the extension it is a point which delineates the name of the suffix.

It certainly happened to you at last once that you could not modify a file. A message which is sent by Windows tells you that you cannot access the file because it has a too long path name.

Some users are tempted to try some manual methods to find the problem. Before doing that it would be recommended to search some information about the Long Path Tool software. This program has been developed by Windows specialist just for avoiding this kind of situations. The Long Path Tool software is friendly and easy to use. It has the ability to ignore the internal limit of path length of Windows which is set to 32.000 characters. So the Long Path Tool does not have a peculiar limit of length. This is why this tool can provide you access to the files which cannot be opened normally by the operating system.

The Long Path Tool software will help you to get rid of error messages that the operating system is sending to you.

Online are available both trial and paid versions. Because the trial version can be used on only one file it is recommended to purchase the full version. It does not matter what is the operating system that you have on your computer.  The Long Path Tool can be used on all Windows versions, from Windows 95 to Windows Server 2012. The Long Path Tool is a software with simple interface this is why the software can be used by anyone no matter if you have or not IT knowledge.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6