Destination path too long

If you are facing error message, ‘Destination path tool long’ while performing file operations you your computer, you should look for a solution. The fix should be simple and easy to install and you will be able to work without any further issues. It is very much important to be able to manage various kinds of files and folders of varying lengths. As a matter of fact, some operating systems cannot entertain filenames and paths that are beyond 255 characters. In order to overcome this issue, a new tool was developed by a group of software professionals. The software, ‘long path tool’ can be deployed in your computer after downloading from the internet.

The tool can be downloaded from the web and can be installed in a matter of few seconds. You can create an icon on the desktop and the tool can be opened whenever you need to work with files and folders that come with long pathnames. By being able to work with long path files, you will not want to lose your customers. When you maintain customer centric information on your computer, you should be able to open the file and you should be able to modify the file as well. If you can perform such operations without fail, there will not be any loss to your business.

The long path tool has the capability to deal with may file related errors like ‘Destination path tool long’. The tool can be installed on any Windows based computer so that you will be able to find all the files. You can overcome the drawbacks that are associated with Windows Explorer and Far. The traditional limit of 255 characters is overcome by the long path tool and you will be able to witness files and path names up to 32000 characters.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6