destination path too long fixed

Computers have made are lives easier than ever. Today the whole world can be said to be dependent on the computer. It has penetrated into our personal lives as well. Many companies came in and cashed into the success of this path-breaking technology. Windows became the most popular and the most-preferred operating system among the users of personal computers. Nowadays every other person has a laptop or a desktop running Windows system. It is really great and dependable. But some or the other day we have faced a problem or you can say, a major bug in Windows. Sometimes when you try to delete or open a file, you get an error message telling you that the file destination is too long. And you know what more frustrating is? Windows forgot to bring out a solution for this bug! People were left shocked that they won’t be able to delete such files or even view their own files due to the large file names or large destination paths. And the ridiculous part is that you can’t even rename it or move it! People had started cursing Windows and mourning over their files when came a powerful saviour to their rescue; the Long Path Tool!

Long Path Tool gained popularity over-night for solving the problems of millions of Windows users around the world. It literally became a hero among the people. It now made it possible to delete, rename and copy files and folders with long names or long destination addresses easily. It provides solution for a lot of bugs or errors. It is an all-in-one fix to all the file errors. The common file errors faced by the people due to long names are ‘Path too long’, ‘cannot copy file: Access denied’, ‘File in use’, ‘Error 80/1’, etc. There is a whole list of so many errors that people get while using Windows. Some errors say that the file or folder is already in use. Other errors just say access denied while some of them tell that the path name is too long or path is too deep. It becomes really irritating for users to bear these errors again and again. But thanks to the Long Path Tool, they can get rid of these problems easily.

The problem with the long file names is pathetic. If you want to delete it, then access is denied as Windows cannot recognise or process long path names after a certain character limit. But that problem is bearable as you can leave the file alone in some corner or just hide it and forget about it. But the real problem arises when you really need that file or when it is very important to recover it. Then you start searching for solutions. This long path name bug doesn’t even allow you to open files with long names. Moreover, you cannot even copy the files to somewhere else. Even if you try renaming it to make the name short, it is of no use as it does not give permissions to do so. So you cannot delete such files, you cannot move them, you cannot open them, heck! You cannot even rename them! Then what do you do with them? Simply throw them at the Long Path Tool and then you can easily rename, copy or delete files as per your wish with the use of the Long Path Tool. Isn’t it great?

Long Path Tool has literally saved the day for all the people who experience the long path name problems. It has literally come as a boon for us computer freaks. First of all, it is free for lifetime. You just have to download it and use. Of course, if you like you can make donations to this website. It is available for download at the site and is barely 2MB in size. Yes! This big dynamite comes in a small package. It is very easy to use and is a sleek software with a neat user interface. It scans the long path files at a very great speed. You doesn’t have any special system requirements and can run on almost any version of Windows right from Windows 98 to the latest Windows 8.1. It helps you to delete the files with long path name as well as rename or copy them. It also helps you to delete files which are system locked and not available for the user to modify. Sometimes you get an error that the file you are trying to delete or rename is already open or in use, even though you haven’t opened any application. The Long Path Tool helps you in that case too and closes the applications which are using that file. So all in all, it is a great tool which comes in a small packaging, but still packs a lot of punch and is a must have for all the Windows users!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6