We have designed our program to fix path too long issues

So, you are experiencing problems because your operating system has decided that your file name is too long. It happens to the best of us from time to time and using our specialised tool, Long Path Tool, you will be able to access your files before you start to panic.

Our program is exceptionally easy to use, providing you with the basic work that you need to get back in business and working on the work that you need to do. This happens to everyone and we will be happy to provide you with the key to unlock the problem.

To use the Long Path Tool requires literally no advanced expertise, it is extraordinarily easy to use and wondrously simple. We can assure you on every step of the way with our guaranteed support systems when you buy a license, however it is more than likely you won’t need them. The program is designed for ease of use and we can promise that even the most technically immune of you will be able to use this program to fix your problem. If you have been getting countless error messages claiming that your files names are too long, or destination path too long, or anything similar, we are here to help you. Long Path Tool can fix every single problem you can imagine with file names in an easy to use way.

Basically, Long Path Tool changes the way you access your files, instead of using the base Windows Explorer, Long Path Tool is used to access your documents and files and ensure that however long you made the path, you can still find your way to the document or file you need. We are here for your problems and will help you fix them simply and quickly.

There are many, many situations where you may find our software useful, as many error messages are fixed using Long Path Tool. For a full list of the features please go to our website but here are just a few of the error messages we have designed our program to fix:

Our program is easy to use and will fix anything you need it to.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6