deleting long file names using Command Prompt

Thank you for visiting our blog. The most dynamic software portal with many dedicated users. you can reach our community via social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and google+ to meet new wonderful users and friends and learn more about our software. you can share our blog website www.longpathtool/Blog/  to your friends and share your experience or if you have any questions about downloading, purchasing, licensing our products. The full featured website is your destination.I need to talk to you about Long Path Tool features. Long path tool is the most efficient utility to delete and control too long file names smoothly. If you receive a message saying “Try to rename your path/file” in order to move it or copy or delete it, instead of trying to rename it with classical method and most probably windows will not accept this, rename it using  Long Path Tool. You can grab your copy directly from the website and click the ” Order Now ” button. let’s simplify here what Long Path Tool do:

  • Long Path Tool searches and indexes your hard disk and lists all too long path files and directories in your system or in your local LAN network or servers.
  • Long Path tool can terminate/close services or programs using the file you need to use by another program or move it to another directory. I know some users who do not have time to even find which program is using their files. they simply end the process with Long Path Tool.
  • Long Path Tool is more efficient way to delete files rather than deleting long file names using Command Prompt. it extends the path for files up to 32,000 characters.
  • Long Path Tool gives automatically elevated user privileges to control and manage too long path files or too long filenames. you can easily Rename, Delete, Copy or Move your files with no errors.

When you download folder from our website, you will find a folder named “Command Line Edition” and double-click the executable application in that folder longpathtool.exe, a new command window will open, then you can Delete or Copy files using command line. For example, if you have a file to be deleted in partition D:\\  then you can type in this command:

/input D:\\filetobedeleted /action delete

similarly, If you need to copy a file from D:\\ to C:\\ or vice versa, you can use this command line :  /input D:\\filetobecopied /output C:\\newfiledestination /action copy. That’s how we can delete long file names in windows 7 or windows 8 or whatever your version is. Long Path tool can do it. If I would talk about myself, I would prefer to use the graphical interface GUI to easily execute any type of commands I need for any number of files I need. Long Path Tool for windows is as important as your system files or your windows updated. the software developers always work hard to keep updating Long Path Tool and deliver excellent service on the clock. so keep tuning for updates and once the software prompts for an update, do not hesitate and do it to keep it running effectively. The same issue may happen when you download your files by torrent clients, such as: utorrent and Transmission. if you select a too long path directory, you would probably find the error message that transmission file name too long. usually torrent files are relatively large in size so last thing we need is an error message at the end of the download after consuming such long time. that’s another clue if you go for Long Path Tool you would avoid that once and for all. The easiest way to validate the registration key for your copy is by copy/paste in the software interface window. click on License tab then select Validate Key. To quickly access the order page on the website, select Get License Key from the same tab. automatically, a webpage will open and then you can select options you need to be included in your license. You can also choose if you require a single-user registration or Multi-user registration, for small business needs or for just private casual use. Long Path Tool is made for small home to giant corporations. Because the software developers know nobody could live without Long Path Tool to protect their files and even their careers. For more great applications from our software family, Click File Tools from the menu and view our great library of best applications a must for everybody which would be discussed in next articles. Thanks for your support and waiting for all your questions and comments.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6