How to Delete Files With Long Path Name Easily

You might have been looking for a way to delete or modify files with long path name easily. However, there are very few software available delivering this particular service. Among all of those, we do believe the performance of Long Path Tool is the best. That is why we are recommending this software to

tool to fix filename too long error
tool to fix filename too long error

. In addition to the deletion, this particular software designed in a warm shade and flattering finishing is capable of modifying the files too. In accession to deleting, the user would be able to copy or rename the files or folders with long path name. Whether it is system reserved file, or hidden programs, this software could search almost every corner of your hard drive, though you have to run this software as admin.

For deleting the files with long path name using long path tool, enter into the official website of long path tool. In addition to the official website, you would have been able to get it in almost all the tech giant sites. Let us get back where we were. After downloading the software, you have to run it. We are suggesting you to download the trial version at first before going for the purchase.

After performing the installation, your software will be up and running. Run it as admin. After that, your software could reach almost any corner of your operating system. Don’t think that it would leave the system reserved files. It will also be able to modify the hidden files and folders. For this reason, wherever there is a file with long path name, the Long Path Tool could be of greater help.

Using the browser of this software, you have to reach the file or folder you need to modify. After choosing the file with a long path name, you will find three buttons at the bottom. One will allow you to delete the software and others will help to copy or rename. These three buttons could have been located pretty easily. However, after reaching the file or folder you are going to delete, you just need to click the delete button located at the bottom left. You might not believe it, though the process is that much simple. This particular software is capable of handling any file or folder with a long path name. Being highly proficient, this marvelous tool is highly affordable as the personal package comes at a price of $44.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6