Dealing with “The file name or extension is too long delete”

In the manipulation of your files, you may experience troubles that come with the path length of the folder or file. When the characters in the pathname of the folder exceed the capacity that can be handled by the Windows OS, you are likely to see this problem. You may not be able to delete such files and programs like Explorer are usually ineffective in this order too. When the name exceeds the 255 character mark, you could have to face this challenge.

The problems that compound out of having unnecessary files and folders will confront you and you may not be able to do much about it. The system will notably be slower and such files can be potentially dangerous if they are corrupted. Some people try to give the file a shorter name but this is not an approach that will always work; it may work sometimes but not always.
You will definitely need a more reliable strategy that will help you handle this problem in a timely, reliable manner. For those who have tried several proposed approaches and software, Long Path Tool is an easy way to handle this phenomenon. This is software that has been given the ability to help you handle in all ways, the files that have characters that exceed the 255 mark in their names. You will have the ability to manipulate in any way all such files; rename, move copy as well as delete the files that give you such error messages.
You need not worry about the efficacy of the program; it is highly effective. This is software that boasts of the capacity to handle files and folders that have a filename bearing 32,000 characters. This shows just how much freedom and manipulation power you stand to enjoy with this program. Moreover, this is software that was built with regards to user ability. This means that you can easily use it to make any changes you wish to have in all your files. You need to download it to your machine and then proceed to use it easily; nothing much is required of you. When you open the software to run it, you will be able to view all those files with a lot of characters in their names or extensions. When you scroll to a given file, you can then delete it appropriately; you will not have to get all those error messages that compromise your use of the machine.

There is a version that you can use for trial factors. You can get the Long Path Tool free version and proceed to use it to see the results that it bears for you.
With this kind of software, you can clean up your system. Those files that seem stubborn and take up much space for nothing will be easily removed. Moreover, he capacity of 32,000 characters that it can handle is one that gives you immense ability to manipulate files with extremely long file names or paths.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6