How to deal with Long File Path with the Long Path Tool Program in a nutshell

Millions of windows users often face problem while attempting to create files with very long path or name in any folder except the root folder of that drive, since the length of file name is limited to not more than 254 characters. If you are using ‘Windows Explorer’ in case of moving or copying a file with long file name to any folder except the root folder of a drive, it is apparent to receive an error message!

Hence, we brought a tool to rescue, The Long Path Tool which deliberately resolves the problem of accessing any folder if the Path is too long. This tool is useful especially at times of logging into windows and executing file operations when the users are imposed to lot of complications. The Long Path Tool makes it easy for the system to execute coping, pasting and deleting operations containing very long path tool and help you escape from lots of error notices.

The long path tool also serves at the moment when you are restricted by the Windows platform to access, rename, copy or delete any file with long path exceeding Windows max path length. This tool is equipped with a simple user interface holding two tabs at the first window naming Browser and Scan Result. The browser tab allows to browse along the directories and scan any selected path. It scans through the selected path and the results are viewed under scan result tab, from where you can rename or delete files containing name exceeding windows max character range.

The long path tool comes with features like long path scanning, copying, renaming, deleting and reservation of file attributes. Depending on the package type you choose, the long path tool is available from you at $44-$197 price range with a 30 days money back guarantee. Of course the trial is free of cost. Henceforth, whenever you are in trouble with long file path name in your windows PC, just visit our website, download and install the latest long path too available and get your long path files managed with a few clicks. For any further query, just use our online chat window to get real time support.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6