Deal error codes 1317 and 1320 with Long Path Tool

If you have encountered problems having error codes 1317 or 1320 while working with your computer, you may have to get Long Path Tool immediately for quick solution of your problem. There could be several situations during which you might encounter such a problem. The most common among them is during installation of new software or application. Resolving the problem in time is the best thing to do which you can do by using an internal program or external tool.

Need for a file management system

You will inevitably come across errors such as 1317 and 1320 while you use your computer as a result of which particular paths cause major troubles when you try to install or delete applications. When you go through the details of a file management system you would definitely understand how it can handle error 1317 and error 1320. Long Path Tool is such a file management system which has lately become quite popular among computer users. The Long Path Tool obtainable from works great to tackle all the above errors.

Solving error 1320 with Long Path Tool

The error code 1320 comes with the message ‘specified path too long’. This error generally happens on Windows operated workstations when the filename of any folder or file is more than 200 characters. In such situation, the file cannot be deleted, renamed or unlocked in any of the normal procedures. To solve the problem Long Path Tool can be used which can handle files or folders having filenames with 32000 characters. Therefore, it is a great tool that will eradicate all problems persisting due to long path of any file.

Other benefits with Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is not just restricted to deal with error code 1320 or error code 1317 but it can actually handle several other errors as well. Though, it is called the Long Path Tool its utility goes beyond long path problems. The application is very easy to use and users do not have any kind of problem operating it as the user interface is very simple. It can work on different versions of Windows operating system. So with all these facilities you can solve long path problems within few minutes and do not have to wait for your software engineer to arrive. This application is available for free on and if you need to upgrade it to a professional use version, then the fees are also quite low.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6