Common Errors associated with Long Named Files and Folders

Long Path Tool Software

The long path tool software is highly recommended software to solve the file management issues. It solves all the problems associated with coping, moving, deleting or renaming long named files and folders. It enhances the PC performance and save the time. Unnecessary files and folders can be easily removed by this software. It is also used to delete the system locked files and folders. This software is one of those which are used worldwide by the computer users.

Common Errors associated with Long Named Files and Folders

Long path tool software is suitable in those situations when you receive error messages about files and folders.  Some of the common errors associated with long named files and folders are as follows.

  • There is found a sharing violation.
  • Unable to delete files or folders.
  • The file is in use.
  • Unable to read from source file/disk.
  • The file name is invalid or very long.
  • The file name is not found. Please check the spelling of the file name and show correct location of the file.
  • Too long path.

LPT can resolve all these errors without showing any error message.

Who can use this Software

Anyone who has file management problems can use it. It is very simple and easy to use. No special skills are required to use it because it is designed in a very simple manner. So, this program can be used by skilled as well as non skilled persons.

Long path tool software is designed to solve the file management problems. One of the good things of this software is that during the deletion process of files and folders, it does not permanently delete them but only moves the files to recycle bin. When you need that file or folder later, you can simply restore it from recycle bin. This software has capability to work with almost all types of operating systems.

How to Install this Software

Sometimes many errors occur in managing the long files and folders. The long path tool software is the best solution to get rid of these errors. Mostly, these errors occur due to the large number of characters. Generally, this software has the character limit of 12000 and in this way it fixes and handles the errors very precisely. The installation of long path tool software is not a complex process. The home version of long path tool software is used for domestic purposes and is free of cost. Simply login to the website and download the software. It is very quick process and requires only a few seconds. After downloading, extract the files from compressed folder and click on long path tool software and install it. LPT is very easy to use even a person who is technically inefficient can use it to resolve the errors. This software is unique in such a way that it provides updates through emails to the latest versions and applications in order to manage the errors.

This figure shows the error associated with too long file name and it can be resolved by using long path tool software.


While handling too long files and folders users face many difficulties. They need to design unique and very quick software to solve the problems. At last, long path tool software was developed. It can solve all the errors associated with file name too long, destination path too long etc.



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