Combatting the “path too long error”

When you try to manipulate the files or folders you have saved in your system, you might just get a “path too long error”. This is a problem that greatly diminishes your ability to manage the files. Unlocking, renaming, editing or even deleting may suddenly be a huge problem for you. This is an error message that is usually given when the path length of 255 characters is exceeded. Even with new versions whose path length limit has been upgraded to 32, 000, a number of programs will still wish one to conform to the 255 mark.
Windows Explorer, Drop box and even Google Drive are some programs which may still drag you behind to the compromise of a 255 character long path. There are a number of unreliable solutions that you will be given as advice. Shortening the filename and reduction of the depth of the folder may not really give you the results you wish for. It is appropriate to look or an easy, long term solution that will not demand that you engage in complex activities with your system.
You can use Long Path Tool to achieve better manipulation of such files. This is software that has been tailored to handle the problems that you experience when you are having problems with the length of the path. It makes your work as easy as opening up the folder or file you wish to handle and prompting the command that you want.
This is because the tool is made to handle long file names; even reaching the extent of 32,000 characters. Hence, you will be in a good position to better manipulate the files without experiencing the compromises of having a path being described as too long.

You do not have to have in-depth knowledge of software and operating systems to be able to crack this. On the contrary, the software Long Path Tool has been made with the knowledge that not all people who experience such “path too long” are not necessarily very well knowledgeable of technical aspects. By downloading the application onto your PC, you can then go ahead to have an icon for it somewhere you can easily access; say at the desktop. When you select this icon, it will give you a list of those files that are considered to have long paths. What is amazing though is the ease with which you will be able to manipulate the files. You can unlock, rename and even delete with ease the documents that you could not control much but still took up much of your storage location; nonetheless. You also do not need to have any special requirements to be able to run it. It is a tool that is truly compatible with the Windows OS. Moreover, it is even capable of working with earlier versions, notably even the Windows 95 version.
With the Long Path Tool, you will be assured of greater control of files that have a path longer than 255 characters. This is a simple solution that does not need a lot of effort or computer knowledge.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6