Choosing the right long path tool – Solving your computer problems


There are a lot many computertools that have been introduced and these are also becoming very important to be used in our daily work. What exactly is long path tool? Check out the internet for more details on and there are many reviews that have been stated about the same.

The long path tool unlocks or deletes, copies as well as renames the path if the name of the file or the folder is too long. If you feel that the path is too long and it is not possible to rename it, try out the longpath tool as it is truly very effective.

Reasons of choosing long path tool

The other reasons for choosing the long path tool are when the path is too long. When the individual is not able to fix the path by their own. You may also want to download long path tool 3.6 which is the latest here. The long path tool would be able to take care of pathnames, irrespective of its length and the limit is upto 32000 characters which is humongous.

Messages – Trouble having renaming of paths

Are you experiencing trouble in renaming the paths? Then look no further, check out for long path tool which helps rename. Many a times, the other kinds of messages that appear are errors wherein you cannot delete the filel from the source disk of file. Path when too long also poses a problem. Also, when the individual does not have access or there is a message of denied access. When the file name is very long, it becomes a problem to rename and this is when long path tool may come in handy. Violation problems of sharing also will not allow the individual to rename the file or the document. At times, if the destination file is in use, you may not get access to rename or delete the file. This is when you will have to use a different name and rename the document or the file. Also, if the program is being used by some other user or programmer, one cannot get access to the document and rename or delete it. Also one needs to double check if the disk is not write protected or full. If the file is currently being used by someone, you cannot operate or work on that particular file or document.

File extension too long – Make use of longpath tool.

If you feel the file extension is very long, then you can make use of longpath tool. Also, for a deep path, choose this tool. Last but not the least; these conditions will not let you identify the item or the file, rename or delete the file and so on. At times, when the file is inaccessible, one has to choose for a different path name and see if one is able to go ahead.


Last but not the least; is of great help. The program is also being used by many people and they have benefited with it.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6