Cannot rename files? Use Long Path Tool

Cannot rename files? Use Long Path Tool

Many times it happens that you cannot delete or copy files from a folder to another or from a PC to another. The system warns you with a message that the file cannot be deleted, moved or copied and recommend you to rename it.

The causes of such errors are many: it may not be able to delete or copy a file if it uses an access control list, if the file is still used by the system, if the file system has been damaged or it is found in paths which overcome the maximum number of characters.

There is the possibility that these cases to occur simultaneously, thus you will have a combination of causes, which will make the procedure of deleting or copying a file more complex.

To solve these problems there are different methods that you can try. You can try to use an auto-generated name to access the file, to rename or to move a file which is found in depth, using the long path tool that can traverse deep paths or try a network share that has the same name as the file or folder concerned.

However, these methods are quite cumbersome and are not available to everyone. Furthermore, if you want to move, to delete or to copy several files or files from computers connected by a network, these manual methods prove to be inefficient as tying to rename dozens or hundreds of files leads to a huge waste of time. Long path tool is the only software that can enable you to cope up with this problem.

The simplest solution to be able to delete or move a file that has a name too long is Long Path Tool. This software was developed to be used on all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 up to Windows Server 2012.

Not only can you delete, move or copy any files without getting messages about the long path of the file, but this program can be used including for such maneuvers for the networked computers. This program is not limited to a specific length and ignores the internal limit of Windows set to 32,000 characters.

There is a trial version available which gives you the opportunity to try this program. The interface of the software is friendly, it is easy to install and the functions are easily to handle. The trial allows you to operate only one file this is why you must buy the full version for good performance.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6