Cannot read from source file or disk

Long Path Tool

Long path tool is a tool that is capable of deleting or unlocking and copying or renaming the paths of too long files or folders which windows cannot copy, delete or rename. These files or folders are one which have more than 255 characters. The advantage of this program is that it can handle path of any length up to a limit of 32000 characters. The program is easy to use and provides a nice and a friendly user interface without any special system requirement since it is compatible with any windows.

Long path tool ends the problem of unlocking, managing and renaming files whose path is long in such a way that windows can’t handle them. It eliminates pop up errors such as:

  1. Cannot read from source file or disk.
  2. There has been a sharing violation.
  3. Cannot delete file or folder.
  4. The file name you specified is not valid or too long.
  5. The source or destination file may be in use and many other file managing errors that you encounter in your computing use.

This program also helps to solve to manage file managing errors which include renaming and unlocking files with more than 255 characters.

To use long path tool all you need is download online, install and each time you need to manage files you click the icon which instantly directs to windows that presents you with all files. As a result long path tool helps I managing files which are too long since it takes care of errors such as path too long, file name too long and file name is too long.

Most users like this software since it is easy to download, updates are free and also free support is offered even for trial version. This user support includes emails on latest applications. Long path also works with most operating system and can be used by anyone even those who are technically inclined.

Therefore, this software is a convenient program to have around especially when you need permanent solution towards managing long files effectively. This is because if any error message arises in saving, deleting and even downloading files, path tool can definitely handle this.

In conclusion, long path tool helps the user to forget long file name errors forever. It has a great advantage to users with destination path too long errors, manage large files and downloads, since it is useful in this and convenient in simplifying file management.

So, if you may have experienced different kind of problems trying to access, copy or delete file path longer than 255 characters and got error messages like: path too long, cannot delete file, too long path, destination path is too long, etc. These occurs in Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. To be able to delete or copy such kind of files, downloads or folders , you need special tool which is Long Path and can also be renamed long file names.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6