cannot delete filename too long

Cannot delete filename too long?

Most people have a PC or a laptop for personal or work use. And having a computer means having a lot of folders on its partitions. There are a must have for keeping the photos, documents, movies or any other things that can be put on a hard in order so you can access them easily.

But there are moments when you do not need a folder or a file and you try to delete it but your system does not allows you to do that. A pop-up message tells you that there is an error, the files or folders cannot be deleted because access is denied. Or that the files cannot be deleted because the file name is too long or invalid and you will be asked politely to rename it.

Starting from Windows 95 and up to Windows Server 2012 there is a software which can help you solve this kind of problem. The name is Long Path Tool. What is this? A software which does not depend on Windows internal limit length of characters, set to 32.000. An independent software which is able to open, delete, copy or rename files and folders which Windows does not allow you to apply any of these actions. The Long Path Tool is able to delete inclusive files or folders from computers connected into a network. So, if you have to delete one or plenty files or folders and your Operating System (OS) pops-up messages like “make sure the files are not in use” or “error deleting files or folders”, than the Long Path Tool is the solution.

Download the software online and then create a desktop icon or a shortcut on the start bar for being able to access it easily. The Long Path Tool software is easy to use because of its nice interface. You must not to be an expert in computers or to have knowledge of IT. The software is very easy to use. When you try to delete a file and your Operating Systems shows you messages or errors like those from above, than all you have to do is to double click the Long Path Tool icon. A window will appear and you will be able to see all the folders and files from your computer or the files from the computers connected by a network. Just select the file or the folder and delete it.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6