Cannot copy files

If you are facing ‘cannot copy files’ error message on the screen, you should go for a permanent solution. By installing, ‘long path tool’, you will overcome many file related issues such as ‘error copying file or folder’, ‘cannot delete file’, ‘the source or destination file may be in use’ and ‘filename is not valid’. The long path tool will resolve various file related issues as the length of the filename can be up to 32000 characters. The traditional system cannot identify files whose length is beyond 255 characters. By going for long path tool, you will overcome this barrier and all files will be at your disposal.

You will not face ‘cannot copy files’ error after installing the software, ‘long path tool’. The tool will list all the files that are available in your computer. It will list hidden files, files that come with special privileges and files located in various networks. After installing the software, you can create an icon on the desktop. The software can be accessed as and when you want to do file related operations. All the files are visible on the screen and you will be able to locate and copy a file without any difficulty.

The software, long path tool can be installed on any computer which is loaded with Windows operating system. From Windows 95 to Windows 8, all systems are compatible. As you will be able to perform various kinds of file related operations in an effortless manner, your productivity with the computers will be at the optimum level. It is the tool developed by experienced professionals and you can take advantage of regular updates so that new issues will be covered. The file that you were unable to access through windows explorer and FAR can also be accessed through long path tool and you will not get an error message, ‘cannot copy files’.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6