A Brief about Errors Fixed By the Long Path Tool

Every now and then, we might have encountered a simple, yet disturbing problem involving long path file path name. Unfortunately, Windows cannot handle file’s name over 255 characters. In such cases, it could have been disturbing enough to hamper your work rate significantly. Think of a situation where you are trying to organize your files and folders, but suddenly you have encountered a few files, which could not be deleted, removed or renamed as those have file names more than 255 characters. The Windows algorithm regarding path file name is the key reason behind this particular occurrence. According to the policy of your operating system, it is not going to handle files with long path names. What would you do in such circumstances? Have you been facing such problems, Long path tool could have been an exciting solution.

The Long path tool is capable of handling a number of problems, including a wide range of error messages. If the operating system is showing error message “path too long”, the long path tool is capable of handling that problem. In addition, you may encounter an error message like “File name too long” or “Path Too Deep”. Even in such cases, the long path tool would have been proved to be very handy.

program to fix path too long error
program to fix path too long error

Another common error message is “destination path too long”. It can happen if the path file name exceeds 255 characters. However, the long path tool is capable of handling files with path name over 32,000 characters. That is why, should you look for an affordable solution capable of modifying any file with long path name, the long path tool could be your pick.

It could also happen very often that you are receiving: “error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk”. This message does not mean that there are problems in the source file or disk. It does mean that the file name exceeds 255 characters and Windows will not be able to handle it. Lots of similar error messages related to long path name could be solved at ease if you are going to use this one of a kind solution. This state of the art software has been designed in such way that you would be able to access even system protected files. However, it is not recommended to modify any system protected file as it might hamper the performance of your operating system. Although, it is capable of modifying hidden files and folders including system files, you should not enable this feature unless you perfectly know what you are modifying. Overall, this fabulously designed software is a one-stop solution for you to handle any error related to the long path file name.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6