Benefits of using the Long path tool utility

This is a very effective software application which is of great use when dealing with problematic issues involved during the handling of files and also folders which have path names which are very long. This is especially useful when the length of the file or folder is in excess of 255 characters. Often when it is necessary to rename or delete a particular file, we get an error message which informs us that the process cannot be started as the particular name of the file or the label of the destination file is too long. The messages can be of the type “length of the path is very long”, or the “validity of the file name cannot be established” or “error is found while deleting the file” and similarly worded messages. Any kind of operating system is able to run this tool. Even the primitive 1st version of the Windows 95 is compatible with this tool. This is the main reason why the Long Path tool application is so versatile and handy.

Benefits of using the Long path tool utility:

Any problem encountered where the above types of error messages are displayed, can be very effectively handled through the use of the Long Path Tool application software. This is also very simple to use and also very efficient. The application needs to be downloaded from the web and installed in the local machine using the wizard. After this, it is ready to be used by the simple click of a button. Anyone can use the application as it guides the user through simple step by step procedures in a separate window which is opened by the application. The simple clicking of indicated buttons will enable the user to manage the deletion, copying, and also enable renaming of file names greater than 255 characters.

Other message types where the utility can be used:

This tool can also be effective when error messages of the following kind are displayed. “violation in the sharing protocol has been violated” or “source file or the disk is un-readable” or “the file name given is not valid” or the file name specified exceeds 255 characters” or “cannot complete task as the source file” or “the destination file is in use”. It is very common to get these types of error messages when there is a routing file management activity. The use of the Long Path Tool eliminates all these issues through a unique user interface which is displayed in a new window when a activate button is clicked. It is possible to handle file names having lengths up to 32000 characters.

Platform compatibility Issues:

The application is compatible with OS like Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows NT

Long Path Tool Advantages:

The tool can detect files and also folders having long paths very quickly. It can function without facing a compatibility issues in any version of the Windows platform as defined above. System locked files also can be deleted without and problem. Files existing on a mapped path in a network environment are also able to be deleted. All files with names which exceed 200 characters in length are displayed in the form of a list which makes the tool very easy to use.

Concluding Remarks:

The Long Path Tool utility can take care of almost all kinds of error messages displayed when managing files and folders having very long path names. It I found useful even when files and folders are locked by the system processes and can e used for scanning files having path names greater than 255 characters. The application is provided as a free to use trial version having free updates to allow the user to get a feel of the application. This has limited functionalities for a limited period of usage. Upon payment of the necessary charges, the free version can be upgraded to a full version which gets a continuous free update and support through email. News about the latest developments in the application is given which makes the file management more efficient. Because of the easy download ability and installation of the application and the almost universal compatibility with all Windows based OS the application is very popular. No technical knowledge is needed and the tool can be used by a new comer.

This Long Path Tool application can be usefully deployed whenever there is an issue involving file management in a simple and convenient manner especially when long file names are encountered.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6