Benefits of Long Path Tool program

Benefits of Long Path Tool

If you wish to delete the interrupted messages which flashes on the screen or pops out on the screen while executing some important task then Long Path Tool is the ultimate solution for it. It has multiple benefits and one of them is copying, renaming and deleting the files which cannot be deleted by any other Windows Operating System. It can be examined on a large scale and works swiftly.

It can delete many errors related to Long Path and fix it immediately with ease. It is highly secured with no malware. The deleted files can be regained anytime from the recycle bin. It can run on multiple hardware or operating systems. The blocked files can be discarded anytime. This tool is portable with all the necessary features placed in one place. With one scroll mouse click, you can get eradicate the files and folders.

How to use the LPT:

Long Path Tool can be used in the described steps below:

1) Log in windows as a guest or admin.

2) Run Long Path Tool as guest or admin.

3) Ensure the files and folders you want to delete or copy.

4) You need to set read only for the folders you want to delete or copy.

5) Right-click the folder you want to copy and select properties then security and next step are allowing permissions for your group listed below:

Full control, Read and execute, List folder contents, Read and write, special permissions.


Long Path tool is available online. You can download from the official website and test the program based on trial version. It takes few seconds to download the program. You need to check the compatibility with the windows. Long Path Tool is easily compatible with windows operating system and performs the designated task effectively. You can get the information through email.  This tool is user-friendly and determines any kind of errors related to path.

The Purpose of LPT:

In earlier days errors were flashing up with copying, deleting or renaming the folder. These messages added interruption in the activity being performed. Hence Long Path Tool was created to eradicate the interruption and errors related to Long Path.

It is used to unlock the blocked folders and is unique and different type file management concept. It can also read the files from the source and or rename the folders. It has been used to eradicate the files which have been locked. Its capacity is restricted to 32000 characters.

LPT uses:

Long Path tool simplifies the task of erasing out the files and blocked folders which are not really useful. It delivers the reason behind such files and unlocks the file ultimately. This is computer-based software tool which is quite different in its own features. It can recover and retrieve the files and folders which the recycle bin.

Pros of Long Path Tool:

1) Long Path tool enables copying, renaming the files or deleting the files at the drop of a hat. You don’t need to be expertise to know the know-how of the software Long Path Solution.

2) The concept and the program get executed faster within the estimated time. It is handy and quite easy to operate.

3) It is user-friendly with aspired results. It works with older version of operating systems so users with older version need not worry and set aback with Long Path Tool which is the most advanced version of deleting the files and other features.

4) It can be managed with no special equipment and no hardware equipment. The error messages which displays on the screen can be easily removed and deleted through Long Path Tool.

5) With windows, manager renaming is quite difficult. But with the help of Long Path tool, this problem of renaming the files and folders can be easily done.

6) You can access the files which are locked and solve the errors reflecting on the screen.

7) Rebooting helps in getting the files deleted.

8) Windows do not support and provide any support for errors related to the path. The errors can be rectified and eradicated swiftly with the software tool Long Path Tool.

9) It can be easily used and programmed by anyone. You do not need to have the technical knowledge or any other equipment to rectify the errors.

Fixing of errors:

With the help of long path tool, you need to click the mouse and fix the errors. You can delete the files and rename the folders without any interruption to your work. The folders which are mapped can be deleted accordingly. It can fix the words 200 characters which are long.

Errors like 1320, and errors whose access is denied or which are not readable can be fixed within seconds with the help of tool Long Path Tool.

Sometimes, windows give you or provide you with a message the length is too long or the path is too long. In such scenario, Long Path Tool is the best possible available software.

The name of the file should be limited to 260 characters or else error can occur which can interrupt the program in between. These errors can also be fixed with the help of Long Path Tool.

Older Operating system and newer version of the operating system have limitations with files and folder names and with the length. These drawbacks can be erased out and removed completely if we start using Long Path Tool.

1) The Error which Long Path:

It flashes on the windows screen unless we click the desired option. It can happen because of the software problems or up gradation of the older version or while extracting the folders. In order to remove this error, Long Path Tool has been designed.

2) The Error containing message “Cannot delete the file “

You may get the message while performing some important task. Imagine how frustrating it would be? However, Long Path Tool is designed for this special purpose.

3) The Error which is copying folder:

This error is common with Microsoft XP users and Windows 7 and Windows 8 users do not get this message.

4) An Error which is file cannot be accessed or retrieved:

Microsoft office users get this error message displayed on the screen. This tool helps you deal with this problem.

5) The Error which is cannot remove the folder.

Sometimes folders are stuck up and cannot be removed or deleted. With the guidance of Long Path Tool, this error completely vanishes.

6) The file is already in use:

Sometimes, an error like file is in use or is used by other operator comes. In such scenario, Long Path Tool emerges as a weapon to destroy all the malware and makes the system in the original phase of working.

7) Error Path deep.

Error Path deep can be removed by Long Path Tool.

All you need to do is download the Software or tool from the website available online. Downloading and similarly deleting is as easy as a pie.  You can subscribe the online free trial version and get the results instantly.

Long Path tool fixes the following errors:

Error 1320, Beshield to the system, Tablet, Laptop, and drive, correcting the Winrar error and character, Sharing malware, virus or violation.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6