Are you tired of long path files?

Please don’t get upset, Long Path Tool will help you to deal with long path files.

All you need to do, is to download program here. You will get zip file containing files:

There will be also folder CommandLineEdition,  you can use it to run program from command line.
Delete_Copy_Unlock_LONG_PATH_Files.exe is gui version of Long Path Tool.  It is very easy to use.  Open it and you will see two tabs:  “Copy/Delete”  and “Search Long Paths”.  Last one allows you to scan your hard drive for long path files.  After that you can select any of them and delete using tool. “Copy/Delete” tab allows you to selected folder or just some files and perform operations for them: copy, rename or delete.

You can also check video guide here

If you already have bought license, you can validate it, using menu. Go to License -> “Validate Key”.  It will ask you enter license key you got to email. After you are ready press “Validate!”. Now you can enjoy full version and all features of Long Path Tool.

You can also find “File Tools” in menu.  It will let you check lot of other amazing programs created by Krojam Soft,  like: Duplicate Files Deleter,  BatchRenameFiles Tool, Krojam Cleaner and lot more.

And finally “Help” will let you to contact Technical Support of Long Path Tool or download latest version of program.

Enjoy using Long Path Tool! Have a nice day!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6