An Overview of Long Path Tool

Your files would be comparatively longer for the targeted folder which you can save by shortening the name or even you can opt to save them on any other folder. However, if you find results cannot delete folder, then this means that it is being used by another person or program. Close any program that might be using the file and try again”. You may have received one of these error messages or other than these. Whatever the error message that you would receive while managing your files, they can be fixed now with the Long Path Tool program.

Some error messages received

  • Error code 80/1 (Path too long)

  • error 0x80010135 (Path too long)

  • File can’t be read from source or disk

  • A sharing violation occurred

  • Access is denied

  • The file name is too long or is not valid

  • The source file or the destination file might be in use

  • A program or another user is using the file

  • The file might be currently in use or the disk is full or write protected

  • Error deleting, copying, or renaming the file or the folder

  • Item is not found

  • A shorter file name or folder name is required; no more than 260 characters can be used

  • The file location is incorrect

All of these error messages can be overcome with the Long Path Tool. The program can handle any pathname, however long it is. It can also offer an internal Window limit of 32,000 characters. The first thing to do is to open your browser, and visit the website. From there, you can download the Long Path Tool and benefit from a free trial. If you have a folder that you are unable to delete, you can open the program, scroll to the problem folder and delete it. You can do the same thing if you wish to copy the folder, or even rename it.

The Long Path Tool is an error fixer which offers a versatile solution to manage files and folders with long paths. It includes so many features that you can benefit from. It is very easy to use. So if you have any problem in managing your files and folders, you would know where to go to benefit from all the things which are provided by the Long Path Tool. When you purchase a full version of the program (for a small amount of money), you will also receive updates for free for a lifetime.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6