An Ideal Software to Remove Unwanted Files

The Long Path Tool is a program which will help in overcoming so many problems that are encountered while managing files and folders. The Long path Tool can be used on Operating Systems as early as the Windows 95 version. The program is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and even Windows Me, Windows NT, and Windows Server 2008.

There are many problems that you may face while you try to manage the files and folders. Some of these problems are error messages that are close to the following:

  • The path is too long (aborting or error 0x80010135 Path too long).

  • The file cannot be deleted (Access is denied).

  • The file cannot be read from the source or disk.

  • A sharing violation is encountered.

  • The file cannot be deleted because the file name specified is too long or isn’t valid.

  • The destination file or the source file may be in use.

  • Another user or program is using the file required.

  • The file is in use, or the disk is full or write-protected.

  • An error was encountered while copying or removing the file or folder.

  • The extension or the filename is too long.

  • The path is too deep, or the destination path is too long, or the source path is too long.

  • The item is not found.

  • The access to the file is not granted.

  • The Windows delete path is too long.

  • The file name can’t be found due to a spelling error, or an incorrect location.

Any user may have faced one or more of these problems. However, with the Long Path Tool, these messages will no longer be of any problem. For example, Windows Explorer or FAR Manager will not enable the user to delete, rename, or copy any pathname that contains more than 256 characters (the user will encounter any “path too long” error), but with the Long Path Tool, the user can enjoy the possibility of having pathnames up to 32,000 characters, as the internal Windows limit, and the files can be managed (deleted, renamed, and copied) as the user wants. Moreover, the Long Path Tool will even enable the user to delete system locked files, and folders from mapped networks. This program is perfect to overcome any problems related to managing the files and folders.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6