Amazing Features of Long Path Tool

Have you ever encounter copying, deleting or renaming error messages on your computer? Then, long Path tool has been developed to solve your problems. Such error messages include access is denied, sharing violation, another program is using the file and many more. Sometimes, you can find it difficult to open, rename or even delete a particular file. This software will offer you assistance by identifying all the processes that have been involved in these error messages.

The Long Path Tool will offer you assistance in unlocking, deleting, renaming and copying files with long path names. Viruses or other software might have caused such problems. In some situations, you will find it difficult to access the files with long filenames. Consequently, this will make it difficult for these files to be copied or deleted.

This software has main highlights which include deleting and copying files with filenames that has more than 260 characters. Files with trailing dots on their filenames can also be copied and deleted when you use Long Path Tool.

Moreover, it is advisable to ensure that the files which you would want to delete or copy should not be in use and the disk should not be write-protected. The new version of this software has also improved in a number of ways. Such improvements include avoiding invalid files or files with long file name as one copy files to different directories. This software lists the files that have more than 260 characters in their filenames. After it has rebooted, the locked files are deleted and it is also compatible with all Operating Systems. It also comes with a friendly updated interface for the user to it easy to use it. Moreover, the improvements also include fixing the bug.

There are also a number of methods that the Long Path Tool uses to ensure that files with long file names are deleted, copied and unlocked. These methods also ensure that files are to be deleted are scheduled for them to be deleted once the computer has rebooted. This software is also considered to be reliable software and easy to use. It takes the shortest time possible for the user to understand and know how to use long path tool. The user can master it within a few days since it does not require any past experience for one to use it because it does not come with any configuration setting.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6