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In order to repair your technical difficulties you can log onto to know more. If the documents, files and folders are too long and lengthy for you to store the Long Path tool can do the deleting, renaming, unlocking and copying of the same. It is mainly useful when error messages crop in showing error deleting or erasing an obsolete folder or file. Some of the most common error messages that crop up are the unavailability of the files and folders, inability to delete the files or remove the folders. This can create a problem on your system and jam it thus making it difficult to function. The invalidity of the file name in which it has been saved is also a major factor in case of error messages showing on the system.

Often the user may avail of a path or track that is too lengthy to be of much help and would require a shorter one in length. Sometimes the file name also is not available. What to do in such cases? You can easily check the correct spelling  to seek out the folder location to see in which directory it has been kept.

Suppose your pathname has a title which is longer than 256 characters then complications are bound to arise in your personal computer or laptop in terms of technical hurdles. It cannot be saved in a different title,  deleted or copied by the Windows Explorer or Far. This is where you need the help of the Long Path Tool. If you download it a major step is accomplished. This is because the Long Path Tool can be instrumental in handling pathnames of various lengths. Of course the limit as per the inner Windows explorer is concerned is 32, 000 characters.

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If you are wondering what the Long Path Tool is a simplified explanation would work best for a layman unless he is a technical expert. If your file name is very long it can be deleted and unlocked by the Long Path Tool. Log onto your computer, download this program and make sure that is saved in the settings. The interface is not very complex and it is easy to use. This program works on any Windows Version. If the network files are mapped this program has the ability to delete that also. The Windows 7, Vista, XP are in perfect sync with this program and have good working compatibility.

When you wish work on huge filenames just press an icon. Consequently the user is logged on to a window where each file is present. It is in this window that you can delete, erase, copy and rename your documents without any hassles of recurring error messages.

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This program can examine your drives for any folders that are longer that 255 characters. It is really easy to download and has the capacity to unlock folders of other system processors. Even if you are not techno savvy this program can be downloaded for free and used if you work on the net. So visit for more details today!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6