All about long path tool

Do you know what long path tool is? Long path tool is capable of simplifying and ending your problems in managing, renaming and unlocking files which seem to have a big filename. Since on some occasions, you might have encountered problems while managing, accessing and renaming files also which are having 255 characters or more, this software has been designed to resolve these specific problems. Also in case you face problems such as error messaging which indicate that destination path too long, path too long, too long path or not in a position to delete file then this software would certainly help you a lot.

The role of long path tool

This will happen in Far Manager, Windows Explorer or other utilities of file manager as this can be utilized in any sort of operating system and also in the version of Windows 95. What can the long path tool perform? The long path tool is suitable in conditions where you find these error messaging i.e. when you are unable to read any disk or source file or cannot delete folder or file, the name of the file you mentioned is too long or not valid, there has been a violation in sharing, the destination or source file being in use or various types of other errors in file management which you face while using your computer.

What can lon3g path tool accomplish?

The long path tool has been designed to discard all these problems of managing and offer you with a smooth edge which is very helpful. Error messages such as too long path, filename is too long, filename too long and path too long would no longer bother you. This unique software can deal with pathnames containing 32,000 characters.

How would you utilize long path tool?

All you require doing is to download this software program online and update your computer with all the settings. This software is well-suited with XP, Windows 7, Vista, 2000, and Windows NT. You should first set up an icon in respect to long path tool over your desktop for getting easy access. Whenever the necessity arises for managing files which have long filename all you require doing is to click on this particular icon of the long path tool on your desktop and this would enable you to open a window directly. Therefore, the process is very easy and simple to follow for getting the desired results.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6