Advantages of Long path tool


Software like Long path tool is indeed something that is truly efficient and indispensable. In this computer age and time when most lives are so dependent on this machine, it is important to keep computer stuff, especially files and folders properly managed. It is a common occurrence that one tries to delete a file, but because perhaps the destination path is too long and hence it plays obstacle in managing such files. Deleting, renaming or managing such files poses a lot of error messages which are plain deterrents in the working of one’s computer.

What are the problems it addresses?

If you want to delete a particular file or folder and you are surfaced by frequent error messages that render you unable to manage such files, then this software can help you get rid of such common occurrences. Error messages like pathname too long, filename too long, error deleting file,  destination file must be in use, there is a sharing violation, cannot remove folder, enter a shorter path and many such error messages are common to appear on your screen when trying to delete a such a file.

Benefits of Long path tool software

This software basically helps to provide a simpler interface and breaks down a file name which is difficult to read. Filenames with more than 255 characters poses trouble sometimes. This software can help one manage pathnames with as many as 32000 characters. All that needs to be done is letting download this software from its official website and it manage long filenames for you. The system is easy and efficient at the same and hence many people are using this software to deal with problems like deleting, renaming, unlocking, copying and managing long file names. Long path tool is compatible with most operating systems.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6