Accessing Files and Folders with Long File Name has been Made Possible

For those problems of unlocking, managing and renaming long filename files, Long Path tool is an option for you. Some individuals find it difficult to rename, access, and manage files with not less than 255 characters. Moreover, problems such as error messages as you open any file can be solved using this long path tool.

The long path tool is compatible with all Operating System. Even the most recent Operating System is compatible with this tool. Once you have downloaded the Long Path tool, it is advisable to create the long path tool icon on your desktop. This will make it easy for you to access it whenever you want to use it. This tool can offer you assistance in renaming, deleting, opening and moving the files in just a single click. Once you have downloaded this program, you are to run the quick scan on your computer to fix the error that may occur as you install it. Installing the program is also another easy task which will not eat a lot of your time.

The Long Path tool is considered to be the most convenient and simple software to offer you assistance in accessing both your files and folders. It also comes with a friendly user interface to make easier for anyone to use it. Moreover, the software does not Information and Technology expert for it works, anyone is in a position to use it.

This tool eliminates file managing problems. With the help of this software, you will be able to open a file name that has internal limit of up to 32, 000 characters. This is simply because the software is both systematic and efficient file manager. The software also comes with free updates and free support to ensure that you do not encounter any error related to the length of pathname. You will be getting regular email updating you on the latest long path applications.

A great number who have used it to be fast in making it easier for you to manage your files and to solve file error problems has recommended the long path tool. The Long Path tool does not have any problem with any operating system. Moreover, there are a number of Windows application functions which can offer you assistance in dealing file names of not less than 255 characters. So, immediately install it and get started.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6