A utility program for regular use – Long Path tool

The Long path tool is a fast and efficient program that is simple to use. This is regarded as a popular tool amongst online users. The program allows computer users to free themselves from serious errors while deleting, renaming, copying and moving files. The amazing application can be downloaded from the internet. The executable file has to be saved in the computer. The simple program runs on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and even Window 7.

Managing file names

In order to manage files with long names, the Long path tool has to be opened. As the tool opens, a new window will be displayed. This will have a list of all files that could be handled. In this customized window, users will be allowed to rename, delete, modify, paste, open, move and copy files. The application promises to run in a hassle free manner.

Simple interface

Accessing files and folders through the Long path tool is quite instantaneous. The simple interface can be used by anyone and everyone! Similarly, the application does not expect its users to be a computer geek! Its unique specifications are easy to understand and exploit. This makes the Long path a wonderful tool for regular usage.

A tool with benefits

The Long Path tool is bound with a large number of advantages. Here is a quick recap into its amazing pros:

  • Locked files can be deleted easily.
  • The user friendly interface can be used in multiple situations.
  • Searching for files is easier and faster.
  • The locking process can be unloaded at any time.

The Long path tool allows users to delete files and folders even after a session of rebooting. Similarly, it can be used to delete files which are mapped from network folders. The simple program is bound with a medley of features and benefits. It is ideal for regular use!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6