A tool to solve problems of long path files

This article is going to be a very helpful one for all those computer users who face the problems with long path files. Files having a path or name with more than 200 characters, the limit defined by Windows are recognized as long path files. The problem that arises with these files is that when you are willing to move, copy, cut, share, change, omit, install or delete such a long path file an error is indicated by the system. The error message suggests that either the file is protected, used by another application, etc.

Some easy solutions

The easiest solution to this would be to alter the path or file name. However, this solution does not work in most situations because whenever you try to rename the file you would get a message that it is write protected or is being used by another application. The second option would be to delete the file but it again would not work for the same reason and it would not work even if you delete by holding shift. The last resort would be to copy the folder to another location and then try deleting or renaming the file. However, the original file that you required to modify remains unchanged or undeleted. Moreover, the problem is likely to persist even with the copied file since its path remains too long.

When the easiest solutions do not work

Since, you cannot get rid of long path problems in the easiest ways you might have to adopt for some advanced solutions for your long path files. This is the most effective way for solving problems relating to long path files. Using a tool that entrenches to the core of the file and takes care of the long path is the advanced solution to long path problems. If you want to use the best tool for solving long path file problems then you should opt for Long Path Tool available from longpathtool.com.

Long Path Tool3

As mentioned you can obtain the Long Path Tool software easily from the website longpathtool.com as a freeware. Therefore, you would be able to get solution to your long path file problems free of cost. This software is excellent, does not take up much space and works quickly enough. With this tool you would be able find maximum utility such as omit, install, copy, delete, etc.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6