A strategy to overcome “file name is too long to delete”

If you have been confronted by the error of “file name is too long to delete”, you will attest to the inconvenience that comes with the inability to delete a file from your system. Usually, such an error is brought about by the fact that the path of file contains characters in excess of the limit allowed; usually 255 characters. This is just an OS problem and with some people, a few tricks may work. You can rename the file to give it a shorter tag or even transfer it to a given storage location whose path will not be too long. However, those who have tried such mechanisms testify that they are not reliable and will fail to give you manipulation control of the file when you most need it.
Hence, people look for a solution to this problem that will save the time and agony. Long Path Tool is software that you can have and solve all the problems you encounter with a file whose path is considered to be long by Windows. This is a tool whose main goal is to simplify the seemingly complex scenarios arising from having a lot of characters in a file name. The tool is well capable of handling those file names whose characters even hit the mark of 32,000. Thus, when you have it, you can be able to delete all those stubborn files that give you the error of “file name is too long to delete”.

The reasons why you need to get this tool to help you delete the files is pretty simple. Having these files that you do not need eats up your storage space that you could use to store other things. This could make the system slow if there are lots of files you do not need but cannot delete. Also, some could potentially harm your system if they have been infected by malware. This then means that you ideally need to go for Long Path Tool as fast as possible so that you can free your system of unnecessary files and folder.
Using this software does not require a lot of you. On the contrary, you will be able to have proper manipulation of these files in a relatively easy manner. By simply downloading it to your computer, you will be good to go. When you have it installed, you simply open the program. You then have to choose the particular files you wish to get rid of and hit on delete; as simple as that.
The “file name is too long to delete” error will have been dealt with by the Long Path Tool. As a matter of fact, you will be able to have even more manipulation of the file with this tool; not just deletion power. When you cannot delete the file, it is highly probable that you cannot edit it either. The Long Path Tool enables you to do all these functions.
With this easy to use tool, you will need not trouble yourself anymore with file manipulations, of course including deletion.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6