“A Solution for Removing Computer Files”

If you are troubled removing downloaded files from your computer. Look no further, “Long Path Tool” is here to help! In case you receive error messages such as Error cannot delete file: cannot see the information or document from disk or the beginning of the target file may be in use, also a mistake import the data may be in use by another user. If yes to some of this error message your computer is having than the Long Path Tool will assist you.

For example: Windows Explorer/FAR would fail to copy/delete/rename any pathname longer than 256 characters (PATH TOO LONG error). The program Long Path Tool can handle pathnames that of any length, up to the interior Windows limit of 32,000 characters. This program can fix filename too long; the filename is too long, too long path and path too long problems forever.

The Path Too Long idea is an easy one to use. This small and compact Long Path Tool is designed to provide a nice, simple interface and provide a substantial amount of choices. You will have the fastest speed of long path folder/files search. Also, there are no special system requirements. Long Path Tool works on any Windows version. You can also delete system locked files. And, you can list files and paths which have file path more than 200 characters long.

“Why is Long Path Tool Useful?”

This tool is very useful if you are having problems deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files that are considered filename too long by your computer system. This program can also assist you in managing and even remaining files that are 255 characters long; this software has been made to help with his conundrum. Long Path Tool will take the place of Windows Explorer, Far Manager or other file managing software. It may also be used on even the Windows 95 version.

“How to use the Long Path Tool”

Using this tool you simply download the program online and save all your settings to your computer. Remember, this program is compatible with any Windows version. Then create an icon for the Long Path Tool on your desktop for easy access. The Path Too Long program accesses your files and folders quickly and has a simple, convenient interface. It does not need special system requirements for set up and everything is done quick and easy.

In conclusion many users have had many problems deleting files and managing files that are too long. If you download from the internet mostly, you may find Long Path Tool very useful and convenient in simplifying file management. This software is fast an efficient to use anytime, anywhere!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6