A Long path tool to enhance productivity

When you use computer, you will come across certain messages which state that file is too long and path not found. There are a number of error messages and the message will show the issue associated with its manipulation. In this process, you will not be able to access valuable information which might belong to your customers. If you are working in a customer support or technical support team, you should have access to the customers’ records. It is required to deal with customers in real time. In such scenario, you cannot limit your ability by being not able to open a file. Thus, there is great need for a long path tool which will certainly simplify the process.

The need for long path tool

It is very much required to deploy a tool that can handle file and folder related operations in a quite comfortable manner. In fact, it is handled by windows explorer or FAR. However, you will not be able to view the files whose names exceed 255 character limit. By downloading the long path tool and installing on your computer, you can increase the limit to 32000 characters. Thus, as soon as the application is installed on your computer, there will be a great change in your performance.

Easy to use

All the files whose length are beyond the normal limits will also be listed in the long path tool’s interface. Thus, it is a very simple job. You are not required to be a power user to use the application. It is possible to delete files that are present in other network as well. The long path tool will close the application if a specific file that you are dealing with is engaged by an application. Thus, you can work with the computer in an efficient manner by using the long path tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6