A Long path tool for file related errors

The Long path tool is intended to resolve file related errors. When there is no competent software to handle all kinds of files and folders stored in your computer, you will face with lots of difficulties. It is difficult to move files, rename files and delete files. The computer will respond in an unusual way and it will be a hard time to deal with the files present in your computer. By deploying the long path tool in your computer, you will no more face any errors while handling various kinds of files. All kinds of file related operations will be performed in a smooth manner.

Why should you go for the long path tool?

There are a number of reasons to go for the long path tool. It will save you time as a file can be moved or copied or renamed very easily. All the files that are present in your computer will be as soon as you open the application. In fact, you will open files that you were not able to open by using windows explorer and FAR.

What kinds of errors can be resolved?

You will be able to handle various kinds of errors such as ‘destination path too long’, ‘cannot remove folder’, ‘error copying file’, ‘destination file may be in use’, ‘cannot read from source file or disk’, ‘path too long’. You will face various kinds of errors that are related to files and folders. All such errors can be overcome through the effective deployment of the software. The limitation of file size will be enhanced from 255 characters to 32000 characters. The Long path tool is a great solution to handle all kinds of file/folder related issues. The easy to use user interface will let you access files in a comfortable way.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6